Run From the Sun: Our Running from Armagedon Game of the Week!

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

On Run From the Sun you navigate your spaceship through the solar system, launching your rocket from planet to planet while desperately trying to avoid being consumed by the sun.

Think Fast! The Sun is on your 6!

Run From the Sun doesn’t look like much at first glance, it looks like an old school game. But don’t let appearance deceive you, this game is extremely addictive with great tempo, fun gameplay and a nice¬†achievement system.

What makes Run From the Sun different from other games of its kind is the gravity factor. You start off on Earth in your spaceship and rotate around, as you then have to launch into space to the next planet the action begins, you have to keep landing and launching as fast and as accurately as possible, trying to delay the inevitable: being burnt by the merciless sun.


Defying gravity will lead you to your grave!

The game can get pretty difficult with the gravity issue as if you catch a wing of a planet’s gravitational pull you could end up sending you nowhere. Run From the Sun also implements a pretty nice achievement system in which you can unlock new ships which can have different features for each one.¬†Run From the Sun is a simple game but a very addictive one, Running games are usually not my cup of tea yet I couldn’t stop playing this one. Grab a cup of coffee, flex your index finger and start your run from the sun!


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