Azigo: Gathers all of your Newsletters and Commercial Emails

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

Azigo is an app that provides a better way for you to interact with commercial emails. It gathers all the newsletters and emails sent from brands in one beautiful feed, curated by you.

Great Offers or Plain Spam?

Azigo is an awesome app that helps you regaining control over your mail box. Newsletters and commercial emails are an integral part of our life, the problem is that it is flooding our mail box, making us treat it as spam. We usually subscribe to newsletters from brands we like, with the though that we really do want to know when they have sales or special offers, but because of the amount of these mails we become indifference to it. Azigo offers a new way of managing your mail, one where you decide when it’s time to deal with these messages and offers.

Take Control over your Commercial Mail!

Azigo gives a perfect solution for this problem. News, offers and deals are automatically organized into a stream of images that manages itself, so you don’t have to. With Azigo you get a new email address to use when you subscribe to mailing lists and create accounts online. When organizations send emails to this address they show up at, and no longer overload your inbox. You’re in control of who you hear from. No more spam. No more deleting and filing. Now when you are looking for deals you do it by skimming a wall of images, it’s like flipping through your favorite magazines and catalogs. The site is designed in both a practical and beautiful (though Pinterest like) way, and is very user friendly. So clean your mail from spam and transform it into deals and offers, the way they are supposed to be.

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