The Stir: CafeMom’s Parenting Blog

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 by

thestir5The Stir covers everything from personal stories to parenting advice to decorating tips to the news of the day.

News, Entertainment and Parenting Advice

thestir2The Stir is a blog spun off from social networking site CafeMom. True to the CafeMom name, it focuses on parenting issues. It also, however covers several other topics. There are plenty of stories and advice-driven articles about raising a family, but it’s hosted alongside politics and celebrity news. There’s no topic that’s off limits, but The Stir’s content is split across four categories — Parenting, Lifestyle, Entertainment and News. A few articles from each of these categories is featured on the home page, and it’s easy to delve more in-depth with other topics by clicking on the specific categories. There’s tons of content overall, and it’s updated on a regular basis.


The Stir TV

thestir3In addition to The Stir’s written content, there’s also a section of the site called The Stir TV. It features various types of video created by The Stir and CafeMom team. There are exercise videos with titles like “Get Toned Arms and Back,” as well as featured shows from celebrity moms like “The Real Deal with Alex McCord.” Because of its focus on current events and celebrity news, The Stir caters towards a young, in-the-know audience of parents. The articles integrate tweets and Instagram posts, improving the overall reading experience. All parents — whether members of CafeMom or not — should get in the habit of reading The Stir.


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