SyncMe.To: Experience Online Media Together

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 by

syncmeto4SyncMe.To is a website that lets you experience online media together.

Start Watching Things Together Again

SyncMe.To is a web application designed to help people share the experience of watching or listening to media online. If you’ve been on one of your many social media networks lately, you’ve probably noticed that your feed is filled with links to different forms of media. YouTube and Soundcloud links can be found everywhere, and they’re constantly being shared between friends. The problem with this method of sharing is that it makes watching media a more isolated experience. It’s impossible to tell when, where or how a particular person is consuming that content. You can send a link and discuss it, but it’s not the same as watching it together.

Paste Any Soundcloud Or YouTube Link

SyncMe.Tosyncmeto2 provides a simple solution to this problem. All you have to do is paste the media link onto the box provided on SyncMe.To’s homepage. You can paste a Youtube or Soundcloud link, or any other type of media that can be watched or heard online. You can then customize your sharable URL, send it to your friends, and experience the same content together, at the same time. The originator of the SyncMe.To link is in total control — the other viewers watch the same exact thing that you’re watching (so you can pause or rewind as needed). There are other cool features built-in to SyncMe.To that make using the web app more fun and enjoyable, such as the ability to use the shared webpage as a drawing canvas. It’s a simple website built by the talented Ben Wegscheider, but it offers a cool and useful service.


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