The Sixty One – A Totally Novel Music Experience

Posted on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 by

61 The Sixty One – Imagine a first of its kind music venue, a place where you’re greeted by full screen, HD images of the playing artist, amazing sound quality, user ratings on any given track, and numerous options and music recommendations to choose from? Good morning everyone, the future of online music discovery is here. The Sixty One is alluring in every possible way, inviting you to take a whimsical ride on the waves of innovative music showcasing. See this page of the Manana Band as a nice starting point. To explore additional artists simply hit the big green arrow on your right, or check out similar tracks in the nicely presented box on the lower right corner of your screen.

This is an absolute must visit for music lovers all over, and an excellent, not to mention exciting method of discovering new emerging artists. I really enjoyed The Fall/The Flight by Awake! Awake! (includes lyrics!) and Josh Likes Me by Sleep Whale. Amazing stuff.

Manana Band

The Fall The Flight

Josh Likes Me

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