Go Try it On – Get a Second (Fashion) Opinion from the Community

Posted on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 by

gotryitonGo Try it On – This site’s concept is absolutely amazing and my guess is it’ll catch up fast. I love shopping, but sometimes when I try on that cute dress I had just bought, I’ll look at myself in the mirror, and doubts will start to sink in. To get a definite ‘go’ or ‘no go’ for such items, I usually call my best friend over to settle the matter. But sometimes I feel it’s that sincere compliment from a stranger that truly reflects how well or not-so-well a particular clothing looks on me.

Go Try it On fills that very gap for women and men who would like an honest second opinion on a particular apparel item. Users can choose between getting feedback from the site’s entire community or from a pre-set group of people (i.e. your friends and family). Go Try it On is “an easy and fun way to share your look with a community or even just your friends.” This SXSW 2010 finalist is highly recommended! You can submit your photo wearing that skirt, blouse or denim you’re not so sure about, and get responses from the community. Alternatively, you can have your say on pictures of other doubtful women and men. Instead of thumbs up or down for picture ratings, the site cleverly uses the up and down-facing hanger icons…. See the pics posted by Diana and Isanne I voted for. What’s your opinion?

Diana B

Isanne S

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