The Power of Thinking – Top 10 Sites for January 14

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JamendoJamendo – Don’t you like the combination of Free, Legal and Unlimited – Sounds unrealistic when you talk about downloading music. Jamendo takes us into the depths of a new era. Music is Love – Just download!

TraineoTraineo – It is said that each success story is supported with high motivation – this is exactly what Traineo provides – Success by Motivation. Set your weight and fitness goals and choose up to 4 motivators. You and the motivators will receive reports showing your progress. I am sure you won’t want to face your hubby and explain why you gained 3lb instead of loosing 3lb :-). My personal fitness advice – WALK !!

BigThinkBig Think – The Internet is an amazing medium. Though, sometimes it seems as if everything on the internet is about stupid people doing stupid stuff. Big Think is on track to change it all by harnessing the power of thinking. The site allows users to debate stories of the day and questions put forward by experts in a given subject. Members can also submit “ideas” to the site to be critiqued and rated. Subjects discussed differ from science and technology on to faith and beliefs. Big Think aims to be a central location for all thinking minds. How do you think the bible should be interpreted?

FirebrandFirebrand – As I see it, TV commercials can be divided in to two kinds. 95% of them are a big nuisance and should be neglected by zapping to other channels or visiting the toilet. The remaining 5 % are worth dying for. Firebrand has taken the mission to provide us with the later. Watch the best TV commercials (in TV quality) arranged by companies and packed in a great interface. My fave commercial is the Sony Balls. Let me know what is yours?

ShelfariShelfari – Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. This ancient saying is also true when it comes to book choices – Tell me which books you are reading and I will introduce you to more books you might like. With Shelfari you can create your own virtual book shelf and start discovering new books and new friends. Have a great book search discovery.

Wall StripWall Strip – Well you won’t find strippers here but you will find the new Wall Strip girl – Julia Alexandra. Wall Strip is a financial blog which focuses on stocks. So what’s new? Instead of bringing you the facts in the usual boring format, they do it with a smile or as described on the site – Wall Strip is a place where Stock culture meets Pop culture. Make sure to be tuned, as a new stock will be discussed everyday. So what will it be for you- Apple or Google or maybe Cramer ??

TiinkerTiinker – Tiinker is an intelligent news aggregator that learns what kind of articles you like and adapts to show you the most interesting stories from all over the web. The adaptation process is executed unexceptionably, just thumbs up or down the articles you have read and Tiinker will adapt to you reading habits.

JogglesJoggels – Just hold the camera lens up to your face and shake your head as fast as you can. Don’t forget to relax all face muscles. Press the button and there you are, your new Joggel is ready. Now upload it and see what other people think of it, maybe you will make it to the Joggel Hall of Fame. Still don’t get it? watch the vid – How to Joggel.

Buddy Free Your BuddyInside your Messenger lives a guy named Buddy. A green faced icon. Buddy entered our lives as part of Microsoft’s marketing campaign promoting Microsoft Mobile. Your goal is to free him. Confused ?! Check our full review including a detailed walk through.

Bubbles 2 Bubbles 2You’re a bubble. Catch other bubbles to grow bigger and gain points. Avoid spiky things or you’ll DIE. Catch weird looking bubbles for bonus points. Warning !!! This game is very addicting, If you have too much tasks on your hand – don’t even think of it.

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