Top 10 Sites – Who is your candidate? January 21

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Visible BodyVisible Body – Do you remember the static skeleton from biology class? Well the skeleton has been given an internet platform and has turned into a complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model. Over 1700 anatomical structures can be quite intimidating – don’t panic, watch the tutorial and view step-by-step instructions on how to use the Visible Body.

BabbelBabbel – Registration is mandatory but don’t hesitate, fill the short form and enjoy one of the best language learning sites. Babbel has taken learning a new language to the next level, it not only teaches you but it turns it into an enjoyable activity. The site gives you the basic words in various common used fields (Numbers, Family, Hotel, Beverages and much more). Just listen to the spoken words and try to memorize them. At the moment Babbel provides the basics of Spanish, German, French and Italian – I can only hope that more languages are on the way. Hasta Luego Amigos!

60Frames60Frames – 60Frames has been created out of the belief that internet content should be much more ambitious than videos of cats playing piano and people falling down stairs. 60Frames works with talented artists in order to create original internet programming. Shows range from comedies to dramas, thrillers to non-scripted programming and much more. Well it still isn’t Heroes but who knows it might be there one day. For more TV entertainment check our visual Entertainment page.

Trip TouchTripTouch – Feel like traveling, wanna check several locations from different aspects. TripTouch offers all your travel needs in one place – general info, weather, photos, useful links, events, news, utilities, accommodation, travel booking, travelers. Enjoy Berlin. Enjoy Madrid. Enjoy New York.

Rattle BoxRattleBoxTraditional B-day e-card VS Unique B-day e-card. If the traditional card is your choice – Stick with it. If you are looking for a cool alternative you have reached the right place. Rattlebox provides a unique communication tool, make a fully customized video e-card or choose from an existing collection. Finished? Post it on your blog, social network site or simply share the link. Be unique!

MucelliMucelli – A useful music site with videos from YouTube. It is temporally down – Let’s hope it will be back soon.

YouTorrentYouTorrent – YouTorrent is a real time comparison torrent site. Finding a high quality film, program or anything else which is available for downloading can be quite a hassle and might result in endless searching hours. I am very impressed by the performance, interface and results of YouTorrent, it is for sure the Google of torrents.

MyMiniCityMyMiniCity – This is a fun time wasting activity. Build your own city, give it a name and share the link with your friends – the more people that visit your link the more your city’s population grows. Please visit the AllMyFaves city.

Teen SexMidwest Teen Sex Show – Sex on the net isn’t and shouldn’t always be related to porn. It usually starts when we are teens. Teens are fragile and sensitive and therefore they should be treated with clear information. However, teens are usually very impatient, so in order to intrigue them, entertainment is required. Yhat is exactly what this sex show is all about – Pure entertainment. Midwest is here in order to help you avoid embarrassing experiences and provide you with insights that will keep you out of trouble. Not a teen anymore? never mind you will still enjoy the show, it is never too late too teach an old dog new tricks.

CampaignCampaign Game – There are many tactics to employ, strategies to execute and desicisions to be made over the course of a campaign, but there’s only one way to win – DESTROY THE OPPOSING CANDIDATE! Choose your candidate. Democrats: Barack Obama, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton. Republicans: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson.

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