Free Your Buddy Walkthrough

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2008 by

Inside your Messenger lives a guy named Buddy. A green faced icon. Buddy entered our lives as part of Microsoft’s marketing campaign promoting Microsoft Mobile.

free your buddy

For the campaign, Microsoft launched a cute little quest game called Free Your Buddy. The objective is to free Buddy from within your desktop on to a “brighter” future. (Personally, I feel a little chained with my mobile).

Buddy’s fate is all in your hands. You are able to send buddy to different missions within his small room, in hope that they will set him free. Interaction with Buddy is done by typing orders into messenger like interface. Move your mouse over the objects on screen to know what orders you can give to Buddy.

Unfortunately, Buddy isn’t that smart. Getting him to understand you can take a while. Therefore, we came to your help with a quick Free Your Buddy Walkthrough.

So, first of all, give it a try, don’t give up!

If you do, come back here to unveil a piece of the puzzle. Free Your Buddy.

Trust me, it’s much more enjoyable when you do it yourself. I enjoyed it, let me know if you did as well.


Type in:

1. Look inside the Kettle.

2. Unlock Cupboard.

3. Paper in fax.

4. Dance.

5. Switch the light off.

6. Wires with diagram.

7. Tune in TV.

8. Place fuse in fusebox.

9. Type in code in console.

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