The Outbound: Discover The Outdoors

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 by

theoutboundcollective5The Outbound is a modern, community-driven platform for outdoor discovery.

The Online Community For Outdoor Enthusiasts

theoutbound2The Outbound is somewhat of an anomaly. While most tech companies are focused on getting you as engaged with your electronic devices as possible, The Outbound exists to encourage people to spend more time outdoors. The site was created as a platform for a community of outdoor enthusiasts to discuss their adventures, to make plans and conduct research. The site focuses on four main categories: discovering destinations, finding activities, buying gear, and connecting guides and likeminded explorers. The “Discover” section displays a map of any area that you enter, along with a list of user-submitted recommendation of unique outdoor places to visit. You can filter the results by activity — backpacking, camping, rock climbing, surfing, etc.


Find Your Next Adventure

theoutbound4The “Activities” section of The Outbound offers general guides to each of the aforementioned activities, as well as a list of several more. There are tons of ideas as to how to make the most of your outdoor experience in a particular area or location. The Gear section offers product recommendations that go along with all of the site’s activities. The “Explorers” section is one of the site’s most interesting aspects, as several individuals have profiles describing their adventures or offering digital guides for other members of The Outbound community. The Journal section acts as the site’s blog, offering further insights into outdoor adventure. The community aspect is what makes The Outbound great, as it connects a worldwide collective of adventure-seekers in sharing information about how to make the most of their outdoor experiences.


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