The Next Rembrandt: One More Painting

Posted on Sunday, April 17th, 2016 by

The Next RembrandtThe Next Rembrandt asks one question, can the master be brought back for one more painting?

The Past Meets The Present

The Next RembrandtMany famous artists didn’t become famous until after they passed, and by then it’s clearly to late for another masterpiece. The Next Rembrandt breaks down Rembrandt’s paintings to see what can come of the data. This project starts by analyzing his work, pixel by pixel to understand the DNA of the paintings. The data collected set a foundation for a┬ánew painting. A software system was then designed a program to understand the painting style and generate new features. With all the data collected and created, a new image started to appear. With all this information gathered, there’s now a digital file true to Rembrandt’s style in content, shape and lighting. Everything about a Rembrandt painting was studied to generate a new one. So much went into The Next Rembrandt project, so is it possible to create a new painting from an artist who has been dead for hundreds of years?

The Next Rembrandt

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