The Mother Huddle – Newbie Moms, Relax! Destri & Aubrey are Here

Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2010 by

The Mother Huddle – Mommy tips and children raising 101 resources are quite common on the Web. They all mean well, but not all actually get you what you need, when you need it (by ‘you’ I’m referring to mothers of course). There are famous blogs and communities out there that do offer a helping hand, but if a girlfriend were to ask me to recommend a reliable and fun online helper on the subject, The Mother Huddle would be right up there. The two lovely authors Destri and Aubrey will make you feel right at home, offering hands-on and creative ideas and solutions for your home, family, and the challenging quirks of your little ones.

Another point worth mentioning is that the Mother Huddle was also a killer Weekly Blog on All My Faves, and that’s why it scored a Weekly Fave spot last week and a blog post this week. Great job, Destri and Aubrey! As for me, I really enjoyed reading Balance and Simplify (Bullet List).

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