The Hustle: A Weekly Newsletter For Entrepreneurs

Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 by

thehustle5The Hustle inspires entrepreneurial people to do more through original, intelligent and high-quality content.

A Newsletter For Entrepreneurs

thehustle4The Hustle is a weekly email newsletter containing advice, stories and information about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. The newsletter is published by a small group of people who are accustomed to the startup lifestyle, so most of the articles are targeted towards that group. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur or a part of a startup team, you can still find interesting content by subscribing to the newsletter. The company delves into one in-depth topic each month, delivering weekly “episodes” of related content. Each episode typically consists of one “long form” story that relates to the month’s particular theme, written by one of the talented writers on The Hustle staff.


Weekly Episodes, Monthly Series

thehustle3For an email newsletter, the quality of the articles on The Hustle is top-notch. There’s less advertising or overt promotion going on than most newsletter subscriptions.  Instead, the newsletter format only enhances the reading experience. It’s nice to be able to easily scroll through one article on your computer or mobile device. The articles also use a good balance of text and images, exploring intriguing topics like Google’s “secret” interview process or the effects of living off Soylent for 30 days. If you’re an entrepreneur, working for a startup, or just interested in tech and the hustler lifestyles of the digital age, The Hustle is worth a subscription.


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