The Book Of Life: Developing Emotional Intelligence

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The Book of LifeThe Book of Life is compiled works of different authors all presenting different ideas under one common topic, life.

It Keeps Growing And Growing

The Book of LifeThe Book of Life is exactly what you think it is, a book filled with everything that has to do with life. Whether it be relationships, income, careers, etc. it’s all represented in the Book of Life. It helps that all this information has been compiled into one place, and The Book of Life aims to be the one place filled with the best and most helpful ideas in the area of life. Unlike normal books with maybe one or two authors and written over a short period of time, The Book of Life is written by many people over time, allowing it to keep changing and evolving over time. Besides being filled with images and text, there are films too. Because The Book of Life is online, it can be changed everyday, and can be accessed by anyone and anywhere (for free!). The Book of Life is divided into chapters, giving readers easy access to areas of life that matter most to them. Make sure to visit The School of Life where readers can find more ideas that The School of Life believes in. For more visual learners, The School of Life also has a YouTube channeling that is definitely worth a visit. For everything we go through in life, sometimes we need a guiding force and The Book of Life can help.

The Book of Life

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