7 Super, Super Bowl Sunday Party Snacks

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7 Super, Super Bowl Sunday Party SnacksThe biggest game of the year is here, so make sure your party is the one everyone wants to be at with these 7 super, Super Bowl Sunday party snacks!

Party Snacks For The Win!

Whether you’re team has finally made it to the big game, or you’re just in it for the commercials and half time show, there is one thing we all have in common. THE FOOD! The Super Bowl isn’t a party without great food. These 7 super, Super Bowl Sunday  party snacks are sure to make you the hit of the party. Even if your team loses, you’ll have amazing food to make you feel better! Let us know if you’re a Broncos fan, Panthers fan, or just in it for the halftime show!

1. Baked mini Buffalo Chicken egg rolls with blue cheese sauce

Baked mini buffalo chicken egg rolls with blue cheese sauce

Egg rolls are a great twist on standard sliders. They’re not as messy and easier to take a bite out of. It’s also been un-scientifically proven that dunkable food tastes better and is more fun.

2. Bacon wrapped tater tot bombs

Bacon wrapped tater tot bombs

Who doesn’t love tater tots and who doesn’t love bacon? You’ve got a win-win combo with this recipe!

3. Loaded sweet potato skins

Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 8.46.11 PM

The sweet potato gives this classic a bit of a twist. But they are also in the shapes of footballs, so what can be more festive?

4. Wedge salad on a stick

Wedge salad on a stick

This wedge salad is a great way to shake up a boring vegetable platter! It’s completely customizable with any veggies, protein and dressing. You’re also going to get a “Thank you” from those trying to watch the snacking this year.

5. Cheesy taco snack mix

Cheesy taco snack mix

Forget Chex Mix, this snack mix is next level. Everyone loves a good snack mix to munch on when the game is close. Pick and choose your own snacks and just “throw” in a bowl for a touchdown everyone is excited about.

6. Southwestern bean dip

Southwestern bean dip

There’s nothing easier or more delicious than bean dip! Literally just dump the ingredients in a bowl and mix. Plus, people will also think they’re eating healthier. SCORE!

7. The supreme snack stadium!

Supreme snack stadium

This supreme snack stadium is sure be the ultimate crowd please! Fill the stadium with whatever snacks you want, and watch your guests’ mouths drop is awe. You’re the real Super Bowl winner with this masterpiece!

Whether Your Team Is Winning Or Losing

In a perfect world, both teams would win the game and everyone can go home happy. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and only one team can win. These Super Bowl inspired cocktails are perfect for the game. And whether your team wins or not, these drinks are great for the winners and losers.

Carolina Panther Punch

Carolina Panther Punch

Bucking Denver Bronco Jell-O Shots

Bucking Denver Bronco jell-o shots

The Super Bowl comes around once a year and it’s one of the biggest sporting events too! Be the host with the most, and throw a party worthy of the championship title with these 7 super, Super Bowl Sunday party snacks!

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