The Black Tux: Suit And Tuxedo Rental

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2015 by

theblacktux4The Black Tux offers affordable suit and tuxedo rentals for any occasion.

Black Tie Done Right

theblacktux2Suits are expensive. Tuxedos are even more expensive. More often than not, unless you’re wearing either for work on a regular basis, you’ll only dress like that for special occasions. There’s no reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a nice suit that you’ll only wear once (and there’s no reason to buy a cheap suit, either). The Black Tux solves that problem, offering suit and tuxedo rentals starting at $95. Whether you’re going to a wedding, a cocktail party or any other sort of fancy event, you can easily prepare in advance by renting an outfit through the site.


Four Easy Steps

theblacktux3The Black Tux suit rental process can be completed in four steps. First, you choose a style. The site already has pre-made, curated looks put together by a stylist, but you can build your own custom look as well. You measure yourself at home, and submit your dimensions to the site. The Black Tux then manufactures and tailors the suit directly to fit your needs (the suits are designed by Black Tux, too). You get the suit at least one week before your event, allowing you enough time to try it on and get anything else you need from the company (or have any changes made). When you’re done, it’s easy to send back your suit in the box the company provides. Stop paying for suits. Start using The Black Tux. It’s that simple.


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