Boiler Room: The Home Of Underground Music

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2015 by

boilerroom35Boiler Room is the leading platform for quality new music.

(Virtually) Attend An Event

boilerroom1Boiler Room is a music platform that began five years ago in London. The company hosts events in locations around the world, inviting DJs to perform in front of exclusive audiences. Boiler Room shows are infamous for the disinterested crowds — partygoers looking at their cellphones or standing around while world-renowned DJs play right next to them. That all adds to the allure. Plus, every Boiler Room set is streamed live via YouTube and the company website. Each set is also archived, so you can go back and revisit sets by your favorite artists whenever you want. You can always be more energetic than the audience.

Join The Underground

boilerroom2Boiler Room mostly showcases electronic artists and DJs, although sometimes rappers and other artists are invited to perform. The Boiler Room website also offers a good opportunity to discover new artists, learn about upcoming events and find out about all things happening in the worldwide underground music community. You can browse new mixes, read Boiler Room features or listen to track debuts. You can also browse Boiler Room by city, viewing all of the events that have taken place in a particular location. Boiler Room truly is a global phenomenon, and browsing the site shows just how much underground music has spread throughout the world. Thanks to their website, you can watch it all from home.

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