The Batch: Healthy Food Delivered To Your Inbox

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 by

thebatchcoverThe Batch sends you weekly emails to help keep you happy and healthy.

Emails Full Of Healthy Food

thebatch4The Batch is a weekly email subscription service that sends you recommendations for how to eat healthier, including guides as to how to make your own healthy food. Most of the content is also available on The Batch’s site (a major flaw of many email subscription sites is that they force you to check your email/promotions tab rather than making the content available in both places … not the case with The Batch). The categories are different than what you might expect — you can sort by Protein, Coffee, Tea, Matcha, Spicy or Coconut. Each contains product recommendations for the best in those categories.


Your Guide To Eating Better

thebatch2If you don’t search by atypical category, or if you don’t want a recommendation for a product you’ll have to buy at a store, you can browse The Batch’s guides. There are posts like “How to Make Matcha Tea” and “How To Make Bone Broth.” Each guide lets you know the estimated prep time, cook time, yield and difficulty. It then walks you through the recipe in order to ensure you understand how to make whatever healthy concoction it is you’re attempting. The Batch still doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of content, but what it does offer now is worth reading. Sign up for their newsletter if you want to keep receiving recommendations on how to eat and drink healthier.


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