The A.V. Club – The Onion’s For Real Entertainment Guide

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010 by

avclub The A.V. Club – Forget about the usual TV, movies, music and books guides. They’re just downright boring. The A.V. Club on the other hand is THE entertainment resource you should tune into from now on. Standing for Audiovisual, the A.V. Club is the lovely creation of the satire media giant The Onion, and has always been enclosed in the Paper’s printed edition. But don’t be fooled by The Onion’s nonsense reputation; “The A.V. Club features real interviews, reviews, and other entertainment-related articles.”

The site’s sexy interface, the sublime content and the hundreds of entries in each category (updated on a daily basis) make the A.V. Club, in my opinion, the best entertainment spot currently on the Web. It’s as simple as that. Pick your preferred entertainment category (film, music, TV, books, games, dvd and features) and tap into the issues that are worth your spare time and interest. Click on the pic below to see the posts I enjoyed reading.

Illustrated by Sidney Paget

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