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Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010 by

movieposter Movie Posters Archive – I’m sure you have your own list of all-time favorite movies. Who doesn’t? My top five are Amélie, Pulp Fiction, The Matrix (first of the trilogy), American Beauty and O Brother, Where Art Thou? I could watch each of these movies a hundred times without falling out of love with them. Having that said, if the movie’s advertising poster is a good one, it’s the perfect romanticized experience of the movie itself, and it’s all you need to reminisce in your favorite film’s moments and exquisite scripts. Movie Posters Archive offers a huge database of such posters advertising the classic box office hits as well as the not-so-known yet wonderful recent as well as decade’s old films.

Here are a couple of posters I relished on while I was browsing the site’s archive, and these are two movies I remember watching as a young girl who was blown away by the special effects…

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