Surchur – Search What is Hot Now!

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 by

Surchur – Surchur claims it is the ultimate place for “what is hot NOW on the web.” Is that so? I agree with this statement, I think it does so in a remarkable and efficient way. How does it work? The best way to explain it would be with an example. Let’s search for Paris Hilton on Google. The first result is a news report including three articles about current events the blond heiress is involved in, while the rest of the results have to do with more ‘static’ information such as Wikipedia about Paris. Now let’s perform the same search with Surchur. Here you will receive only current updated results that have to do with the absolute latest news about Miss Paris. Results are aggregated from many sources such as blogs, news, pictures and videos – all of which are centralized in a single page for your convenince. Terrific, isn’t it? If you still don’t get the uniqueness of Surchur, I suggest you check out the Surchur Demo Video in order to get the big picture. Just for kicks, which celebrity would you have used to explain the site’s searching edge?

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