Babygadget – Gadgets for Babies!

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 by

BabyGadget – Having a baby can change your life but also the variety of products and gear you’ll need to accommodate the newcomer. These days products for babies and kids are so well designed and diverse that new parents can often find the latest baby gadgets irresistible. Why not? This is part of the fun of having kids, right? Babygadget (sister site of Popgadget – gadgets for woman) hunts around for new, innovative, fun, sometimes wacky or highly functional and smartly designed products for little ones. In addition, BabyGadget is way more than just a shopping guide. They shows you where designers and companies are going in their constant quest for innovation. These are definitely not the same baby gadgets you grew up with. Besides my virtual 2-year old baby,, I don’t have any children of my own but if I did, I would find the following gadgets as good buys: Alphabet Wall Decals, Pretty Little Booties, and here’s something for prospect mothers: Isabella Oliver – Calling All Pregnant Ladies.

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