Studypool: An Academic Tutoring Marketplace

Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 by

studypool5Studypool is a marketplace that helps students get efficient academic help.

Ask Anything For Free

newstudypool2Private tutoring has always been one of the most effective ways for students to get personal help with their academic work. The web has proved to be a valuable tool for finding educational help, but most sites are either impersonal or require students to pay exorbitant fees to meet with tutors in real life (before ever knowing whether or not they’ll actually be any help). Studypool offers a quicker and easier way for students to ask questions and receive multiple responses. Posting a question on the site is entirely free, although students are limited to 250 characters or one photograph of their work. Those questions are distributed to Studypool’s large network of verified tutors, who can choose whether or not they want to respond.


Get Help from the Tutor of your Choice

studypool4After a student receives a sufficient amount of responses, they pick which tutor they want to work with. Each of Studypool’s responding tutors names his or her price for the work requested, so students can pick the bid that best suits them. The tutors also have reviews and reputation along with other information on their Studypool profile, so students can make an educated decision before finding the best fit. After a choice is made, the tutor works one-on-one with the student in order to help them better understand the question that they originally asked. The competition amongst the tutors gives more control to the student asking the question, so they don’t end up working with the wrong individual. It’s a quality platform for both students looking for help and qualified tutors looking for extra work.


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