Stories 2010 – American Portraits and Stories

Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010 by

stories2010 Stories 2010 – The Unites States’ population is a diverse one, consisting of numerous nationalities, religions and traditions. We’re all familiar with the fascinating history of America that had made it the diverse nation it is today. Stories 2010 is a magnificent and captivating website which draws the various stories of different Americans into the spotlight.

The three-dimensional interface pulls you into the public space where different (actual) people give their two cents on what it is to be an American. See what urban people (Broadway) have to say, or switch to other US populations such as in the small towns (Maine St.) or rural areas (Prairie) of our great nation. Another interesting way of exploring the great (and ordinary) stories of Americans is by choosing the Portraits View. Regardless of the view options, exploring this inspiring website truly made me feel proud to be an American!


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