Food & Fizz – Worshiping Great Food, One Photo At A Time

Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010 by

foodandfizz Food & Fizz – Photo-based food sites isn’t a new concept, and in fact, Food Gawker is right up there on the top of this cooking site category. The basic concept -aggregating various mouth-watering recipes on the Web in a nicely stacked list of photo thumbnails- is a great facilitator when it comes to searching for great recipes online. Food & Fizz does just that, offering a source where “people submit their beautiful food and drink pictures and we choose the best ones here daily and then they get uploaded to the site.”

Although Food & Fizz is, indeed, a wonderful cooking resource where users are invited to submit their new food finds, Food Gawker remains my personal No. 1 photo-based recipe source. Not only do they offer a clean and polished interface, but also their selection of recipes is unparalleled. At any rate, see the pics of the recipes on Food & Fizz I really enjoyed exploring.

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