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Posted on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 by

stereofox1Stereofox is a music discovery service and community.

Find The Best New Tracks

stereofox5Stereofox is a music webzine run by an international group of music lovers. The goal of the site is to introduce the world to new music, which it does by posting songs, articles, playlists and videos. All genres — electronic, rock, hip-hop and more — are represented on the site, and you can browse based on your personal genre interests. The articles on the homepage tend to favor electronic songs, but that’s the best place to browse the newest tracks along with descriptive paragraphs from the Stereofox staff. The site posts regular updates of the latest songs, ensuring that only the best music makes it through its curatorial process.stereofox


Press Play On The Jukefox

stereofox3Although many of the songs are sourced from services like Soundcloud, all of them play through Stereofox‘s platform — Jukefox. That means you’ll never have to leave Stereofox’s website in order to listen to a song, which is an advantage the site has over other music discovery blogs or services. The site also has a good balance of album reviews, song reviews and thoughtful interviews with artists. In addition to offering tons of carefully constructed playlists on the site, Stereofox also lets users create and share their own playlists or mixes. It’s attempting to build a strong, international online music community, and it’s definitely on the right track.


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