Stayed Up All Night: Make A Mixtape

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 by

suanfm5Stay up all night and make a mix tape at

Bringing Mixtapes Back

suanfm1Mixtapes were once meaningful, whether you were recording the perfect playlist for yourself or gifting it to someone else. The concept transitioned well with the rise of digital media, as it became even easier to burn CDs with your own custom curation. Now that streaming has taken over the online music marketplace, mixtapes are basically a thing of the past. Anyone can make a playlist and forget about it in their music library of choice. Stayed Up All Night gives you the option to bring the mixtape back, creating a personalized, sharable playlist online. It strips away the complexity of other music sharing sites, only allowing people to build and share great playlists.


Stay Up All Night

suanfm4Stayed Up All Night gives you the option to choose between several classic cassette tape styles for your mixtape. You can decorate the tape with a handful of predesigned doodles, stickers and fonts. You can type any text that you want, if you can fit it on the cassette. The site actually gives quite a variety of options for photo-editing when it comes to designing the tape. The important part, of course, is adding the music. That’s almost too easy to do, as all you have to do is type an artist or song name or paste a link from Soundcloud or YouTube. Mixtapes are easily sharable, and you can make them private or discoverable to the Stayed Up All Night public.


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