Spotify Taste Rewind: Your Music, Turned Back In Time

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2015 by

tasterewind5Spotify Taste Rewind generates playlists from decades past based on your current listening tastes.

Go Back In Time

tasterewind2Spotify has been experimenting with new methods¬†of music discovery lately, generating playlists for users based on their listening preferences. Taste Rewind is a recent Spotify creation that’s fun to play around with, and could lead to you discovering some new music from bygone eras. The site links with your Spotify account, pulling in some of your most listened-to artists and asking you to choose three of them. Based on your choices, the site generates a playlist of songs from every decade¬†going back to the 1960s. You can start listening in the not-so-distant-past of the 2000s, then slowly work your way back in time.


What Would You Have Listened To In The 60s?

tasterewind4Taste Rewind also showcases how many years of great music Spotify has in its catalogue. It also makes it easy to access these songs from your account at a later date by generating a playlist. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can still scroll through the experience. The site will simply ask you to choose between three random artists in order to build your taste profile. It’s obviously more specific if you link your own account, so I’d highly recommend doing that. Although Spotify has failed to match the music discovery services of newer apps like Apple Music, it’s cool to see the company building great interactive sites like Taste Rewind.


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