Splittable: Shared Living Made Simple

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 by

Splittable Splittable makes it easy to split bills, rent & any other expenses with your roommates.

Sharing Is Caring

Splittable Living with roommates can be an exciting time or the worst of times. Whether you live with someone who has been your best friend forever and you’re taking over the city together, or it’s simply for economical reasons, issues can always occur. One of the biggest issues is money (no matter what!). Money is a touchy subject between anyone, and it’s always hard to approach. Between: rent, utilities, maybe groceries and other expenses, money is always being owed somewhere. Splittable is making sharing expenses easier than ever now. Splittable is a free app that helps with bills and expenses. Each roommate can manage the app themselves, and everyone will be reminded when bills are due, and who owes who what for the month.


The 1st Of The Month

Splittable Once everyone under the same roof downloads Splittable, life will get that much easier. As each individual racks up bills and expenses, everyone can split costs any way you want and everyone can see who paid for what. Splittable’s All Squared Meter shows who owes what and who should be covering the bill next. By adding everyone’s contributions, there’s no more stressing about money, and no more arguing about who will cover milk and toilet paper next! Splittable’s timeline and notifications keep each roommate updated with all the events going on w/in, they come in on your phone, email or the web (there’s no way to miss anything). If any roommate decides to move out, or the lease ends, Splittable will help settle everything (who still owes what) and allows you to focus on your next great place. There’s no reason for money to be a subject top-toed around between roommates anymore. Splittable is here to help split the bill, not friendships.


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