Artlifting: Buy Art, Change A Life

Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 by

ArtliftingArtlifting empowers homeless and disabled individuals through the sale of their artwork.

Every Stroke Counts

ArtliftingArtlifting is a benefit corporation that provides homeless and disabled artists the opportunity to earn their own income. The site sells original paintings, prints, and products allowing artists to earn recurring income from each piece. The artists get to keep 55% of the profit from each sale. When Artlifting first started out, the first four artists earned thousands of dollars, and their art was being noticed by many. Since the beginning, supporting cities go from Boston to the other side of the country. Artlifting is not only adding color to your life, but it’s adding an immense amount of color to others’.


Not Just Decoration

ArtliftingWith Artlifting, artists are earning an income instead of a handout giving them empowerment and confidence. A little bit of art can effect every other part of someone’s life. Artists create art in shelter and disability center art programs, then they sign contracts with Artlifting to be able to sell their artwork and receiving 55% of the profits. The site started with ¬†artists, growing to more than 40 today, and it’s still growing. 5 artists have gained housing from selling their work. Shoppers can browse through anything from prints and paintings to phone cases, there is something for everyone. Artlifting also features biographies of current artists. Artlifting is changing lives through art, and with our help, their goals and dreams for others become a reality.


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