PopCorn Garage: Find The Film References

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 by

PopCorn GaragePopCorn Garage is the ultimate movie quiz, that may be harder than you think.

Name That Movie!

PopCorn GarageDropping movie quotes into daily conversations happens on the regular for many (I promise I’m not the only one). many individuals also consider themselves movie buffs and can remember details better than anyone. But recognizing specific items from movies may be harder than you think. PopCorn Garage is the ultimate movie quiz, testing anyone’s knowledge based on iconic images from famous movies. An image of a garage filled with iconic movie objects, all players have to do is name the movies that each object belong to. Just type a movie name in, users will either receive a badge because they names the right movie, or they’ll receive a strike if the name is wrong. If you ever forget which movies you’ve already found, click on any part of the garage and found images appear. The concept is easy, but once you’ve named the bigger objects, it becomes harder to seek out the smaller objects. The objects are hidden amongst other garage related items to throw players off. There are 66 movies hidden in PopCorn Garage, all you have to do is name them.

PopCorn Garage

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