Space Lamb: Return To Earth

Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 by

spacelamb1Help Bishop return safely to Earth and gather all of the precious cargo in Space Lamb.

Bring Bishop Back To Earth

spacelamb3Space Lamb is an interactive game and web project created by design studio 12 Wave Web Production. The backstory of the game is that Bishop The Lamb, the studio’s “art director,” is floating through space after his ship collided with an asteroid. You’re tasked with bringing him safely back to earth, collecting all of the precious cargo that’s floating in space around him while avoiding dangerous debris. It’s an incredibly simple game with even simpler mechanics. The animation is slightly choppy, but it’s mostly worth playing because it demonstrates 12 Wave’s abilities to make the most of web design techniques.


Use Your Head

spacelamb4Space Lamb can be played in three different ways. You can navigate Bishop using your mouse, your mobile phone or — most interestingly — your own head. The site accesses your computer’s webcam, responding as you move your head left, right, up or down. It’s the clunkiest way to maneuver Bishop (and it can be frustrating when he crashes into space debris when you wanted him to go in the opposite direction), but it’s still an inventive way of interacting with a game. The game itself is decently fun, especially as you collect random items and have the visuals instantly transformed. I struggled to bring Bishop to Earth using any of the gameplay techniques, but give the game a try and maybe you’ll have better luck.


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