Sondry: A Personal Collection Of Stories

Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 by

sondry5Sondry contains a collection of personal stories written by anyone and everyone.

Share Your Personal Story

sondry1Sondry is a place to read and share stories. It’s a platform for writers as much as it is for those interested in cool stories or wanting to share one of their own. Anyone can submit their own personal stories, and there’s no real guideline as to what that means. The only requirement is that the stories must be under two thousand words. That’s a relatively steep character limit for the Twitter age, which is why Sondry is a refreshing site. The stories are just the right length — long enough to engage the reader without rambling on for too long. They’re also published in a visually-appealing format that almost mirrors the experience of reading an actual book.


Publish Fiction in The Grout

sondry3The other general guiding principle of the site is that stories be honest and personal. This encourages the site’s active and supportive community of readers and writers to get to know you. If personal stories aren’t your style, Sondry also encourages users to publish fiction, poetry and creative writing. There’s a separate section of the site called The Grout that’s dedicated to fiction, while the rest contains non-fiction stories. While there are some engaging fictional stories in The Grout, the non-fiction section of the site is the main focus. It’s also more expansive, separated into categories like Athletics, Childhood, Comedy, Confession and First Time. As you can tell by those category names, Sondry places an emphasis on being brutally honest.



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