Smule’s Strum: The Instagram of Homemade Music Videos!

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

Strum is the Instagram of the video generation;  the newest Smule App that allows users to make their own short videos, filter them, add music, and share!

Smule- Music Apps for all!

First of all, I’ve got to tell you about the talent behind the App! Smule is a company who strives to  “connect the world through music.” Smule’s award-winning, exciting Apps include Magic Piano™, the ver so popular Glee Karaoke, and Ocarina.

The Instagram of videos.

Strum works much like Instagram, but in my opinion, is way more exciting! You shoot a mini video (15 seconds) with your iPhone. After which, you can apply a filter to fool around with colors balances and a couple of fun bordered like “Xmas Jingle”. Unlike Instagram, Strum adds more fun elements like looping the video, adding filters such as falling snowflakes, and most excitingly, adding music to your performances!

Filters, borders, and music!

Strum filters produce music, giving a twist to your video. They enhance your videos by tuning your voice to make you sound like you are singing, or my personal favorite, rapping like M.C. Hammer.

Share, share, share!!

The end result is a super fun music video of your life which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, through text message, or via email. Of course you can socially share it on the Strum App itself as well!





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