Snowball: Test your Pinball Skills on a Snowball Flipper

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

As winter’s heart engulfs us, we give you Snowball as our game of the week; a cute retro pinball game where you have to time your flipper skills in order to keep your snowball from melting in the bonfire.

How Acute are your Snowball Aiming Skills?

Snowball is a great coffee break game. Not too sophisticated or complicated, a simple retro flipper game designed for fun. You have only three Snowballs so you have to make them count, on each attempt you try to navigate the ball to the most lucrative route using all of your resources; your flippers, springs, a sled, magnetic field towers, snowmen who multiple your snowball for better effect, etc. The more secret passages you manage to enter the higher your score will get, my record is 83,271 what’s yours gonna be?

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