Skyfit: Netflix for Fitness

Posted on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 by

SkyfitImagine never having to step foot inside a gym again with one simple app, Skyfit.

Your Own Personal Gym

SkyfitSkyfit is a new fitness app that gives you access to studio quality workouts from a variety of different activities. You can workout anytime and anywhere because all of your favorites are right on your phone. These workouts are taught by top trainers and there is unlimited access to all workouts for a small monthly fee. Skyfit classes feature workouts for running, spinning, elliptical, race training, yoga and much more. Trainers take you through workouts step by step, making sure your individual workout has the same effect as it would at the gym. Skyfit¬†workouts happen when you want them to, they’re on your own time so you never have to miss your favorite class ever again.


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