Game of the Week: Pest Hunter

Posted on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 by

Pest HunterShow the bugs who are boss and get rid of them in Pest Hunter.

Bugs Be Gone

Pest HunterYou’ve been called. As the Pest Hunter, your job is to exterminate all the bugs you meet. This may be a little harder than stepping on the creepy crawlers. In Pest Hunter, get rid of all the bugs with your weapon of doom but make sure to stay clear of the the toxins the bugs are spitting at you. As you move down the game board, shoot the bugs are be killed and gain points and bonuses when you collect other items floating around. The more bugs you kill, the more points you get. If you get hit by one of the bugs neon gross blobs, you clearly didn’t get the job done. You’re the master Pest Hunter, so do what you do best and take all the bugs out!

Pest Hunter

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