Sketchfab: The Place to be for 3D

Posted on Friday, June 17th, 2016 by

SketchfabAnything you could possibly need for 3D creations on the computer for any designer, can be found in Sketchfab.

What Will You Create?

SketchfabWith the design technology that has been created and is continuing to develop, computer design and 3D design has endless possibilities. Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and discover 3D and VR content anywhere online. Sketchfab is trying to be the building blocks for 3D content, what YouTube did for video. This site integrates all major 3D creation tools and publishing platforms, and they’re the 3D publishing partner of Photoshop, Facebook, HoloLens and RealSense. Designers can upload files in most 3D formats directly to Sketchfab. Edit and create to your 3D hearts desire and then with the easy share too, share your projects on other platforms. Sketchfab is great for everyone and their very different needs. Explore and create a million and one things in 3D and VR with Sketchfab.


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