Kabul Portraits: Afghan Artists

Posted on Friday, June 17th, 2016 by

Kabul PortraitsIn a region with so many problems, the beauty of that region tends to be overlooked. Kabul Portraits aims to highlight what tends to be forgotten.

Beyond the News

Kabul PortraitsThe goal of Kabul Portraits is to bring light to a range of storytellers: artists, journalists, filmmakers photographers and more from Kabul. Kabul is normally a city that is in the public for its problems than its art. Each portrait highlights different artists in Kabul and they challenges they face due to where they live. The creators of Kabul Portraits wants to address some of the many stereotypes that face this city and then break them by showcasing the true talent that lies within a troubled city. Kabul Portraits include still portraits, video footage, and audio recordings of Kabul residents. Allowing these artists to tell their own stories, gives them a voice that so much of the world doesn’t get to see. Go beyond how a city is seen by the world, and emerge yourself in art with Kabul Portraits.

Kabul Portraits

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