SidelineSwap: Where Athletes Sell Their Gear

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2016 by

SidelineSwapAthletes go through a lot of gear in their sports career, so why not make some money off gear that doesn’t work for you anymore? Make some money with SidelineSwap.

What’s Old, Is New Again

SidelineSwapNo matter what sport you’re playing, through an athletic career, athletes go through a lot of gear. But most of the gear we outgrow ends up sitting in a closet or the corner of the garage. Why not do something with it? Start making some money off of it with¬†SidelineSwap.¬†SidelineSwap is where athletes can buy and sell their gear. Browse by sport or just through pages, and find something you need. If you’re selling gear, wait for someone to buy it, print the shipping label and start making some money. If you’re buying, find what you want or need, track your purchase and then start playing! Old equipment doesn’t have to sit in a corner and gather dust for eternity once you’re done with it, start making some money off of it with SidelineSwap.


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