Levo: Build a Career You Love

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2016 by

LevoStarting your career can be an intimidating time in any millennial’s life. Finally there is a source to help navigate it, Levo.

Build A Career You Love

LevoEvery young adult will have that moment when they realize entering the career force is closer than they think, or want to admit. It’s a daunting process to start the job application process, but now Levo has the tools to help anyone get through it. Levo gives young adults the tools they need to develop their talent, build connections and stay focused to reach their goals. Levo is helping millennial’s through every step of the process. Start by taking a short quiz to really lay out what you’re passionate about and then start to follow your dreams. Then build a profile really showcasing your personality with different formats, colors, designs, etc. Then start connecting people from different Levo chapters across the country, and see where others are working and what they’re doing. Levo is also a great place to read about what successful individuals are doing, and how they go to where they are. Levo is dedicated to helping young adults reach their goals, and find a career that’s right for them. Levo is there every step of the way.


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