Service: Make it Right

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 by

ServiceIf you’re having an issue with a business, let Service help make it right.

How Can We Help?

ServiceWhen things go wrong with stores and services, many times dealing with the customer service department can be a hassle and get you no where. Service helps take the frustration away by handling all of your customer service issues for free. Instead of jumping through hoops with the customer service department, tell Service what happened and they will make it right. Provide supporting documentation, and get results. Whether issues are due to airlines, appliance warranties, late deliveries, Service will do everything they can to help make the problem right. You can even monitor the progress that Service is making, and chat with real people when you need help and have questions. Stop wasting your time with customer service issues, let Service handle and solve all your problems.


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