Dots & Co: Play Beautifully

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 by

Dots & Co.If you’re ready for an adventure and solving puzzles is what you love, Dots & Co. is the game for you.

Time For An Adventure

Dots & Co.If you’re already a fan of Dots and Two Dots, your next obsession will be Dots & Co. Throughout the game, explore amazing landscapes and go on a visual journey by solving puzzles. These aren’t just any old puzzles though, they have magical friends that will help you along the way. They’re about to take you on an adventure. Dots & Co. is filled with over 100 levels to get through with all your companion friends tagging along on the journey. Solving the puzzles takes some thought, and will challenge you along the way. The game is also visually appealing and the game can also be switched to a colorblind mode too. This game will keep you entertained for hours and you won’t want to put Dots & Co. down.

Dots & Co.

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