Polymail: Simple, Beautiful, Powerful Email

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 by

PolymailWe get so many emails on a daily basis, that we practically need personal assistants to keep it organized for us. Polymail has re-imagined email, making it better for everyone.

You’ve Got Mail

PolymailEmail has become a permanent part of our lives and getting a good handful a day, probably isn’t what we had in mind. Polymail‘s mission is to make email more efficient and delightful for everyone. Polymail has redesigned our inboxes with new features making all of our lives a bit easier. There are so many features stuffed into on app. With email tracking, get notified when others view your emails even if it’s sent to multiple people. Schedule those emailsĀ to be sent at a later time, so if you’re up late working, the email can be sent at an appropriate time. Because we are sent emails at all hours of the day, you can snooze your emails to let them pop up at a time where it’s convenient for you to read them. Finally an app, that allows us to UNSEND emails. Whether you have grammar and spelling mistakes or you sent the email to wrong person, unsend if you need to. Email has made our lives easier in many ways and harder in others. Polymail is makingĀ email more powerful, efficient and all around better for everyone.



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