Selfit: Mixed Reality Selfies

Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2015 by

selfit4Selfit is a mixed reality creation tool that lets you quickly create and share amazing moments with photo or video selfies.

Add Items And Effects To Your Face

selfit3Selfies have taken over the world. Ever since smartphones began adding a front-facing camera, snapping pictures of yourself has become one of the most popular art forms (without having to take a picture of yourself in front of a mirror). There are already tons of selfie-oriented devices on the market — like, of course, the selfie stick — and more and more apps are capitalizing on people’s love of taking pictures of themselves. Selfit is one of those apps, but it adds a unique aspect that’s never been done before. Using the Selfit camera, you can add augmented reality graphics to your photo or video selfies. Quickly add glasses, a mask, or a mustache to your face and share your photo with your friends. It’s one of the most fun apps to play around with, and users can get as creative as possible with their images.

Instant Augmented Reality

selfit1Selfit is currently only available for iOS devices. It’s a great, fun service to play around with, but some of the app’s functionality is still a bit clunky. The app is free to use, but it does try to get you to pay to unlock certain features. The augmented reality aspect of the app, however, works perfectly. The app scans your face, then lets you play around with props, effects, and backgrounds before completing the image. selfit2You can then save your image to your device or share it across any of your social networks. You can also reenact scenes from movies like Shrek, with your face as the title character. There are tons of possibilities for unique creation on Selfit, and snapping photos with the app is incredibly entertaining.

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