SceneIt – Answer and Ye Shall Receive Glitz and Glory

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 by

sceneit SceneIt – Movie quizzes and film trivia have been around forever, and they all do a great job in making us relish in self-satisfaction when we get that ‘what did Brett and his friends in Pulp Fiction have for breakfast’ question right (click here for the answer). But what if such quiz sites offered more, much more than the usual Q&A form? SceneIt does just that and a whole lot more.

Create your own avatar, dress him or her as you like and answer your way to various upgrades and increased Glitz amounts (the site’s currency). Earn enough of it, and become a recognized Top Player. If you’re dead set on securing more ‘Bling’ – all the user stuff that isn’t free and screams ‘luxury’ – you can buy it. Work your way up from a mere Waiter to an acclaimed Star, Screenwriter or Director, see what others have accomplish and show off your film wits while climbing the Hollywood ladder. Answer away…

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