LockerBlogger – Schmoozing with Pro Athletes

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 by

lockerblogger Locker Blogger – If rubbing against pro athletes is what rocks your sporty boat, you might want to nail that VIP pass for your next sport event and try to get a personal autograph and a quick small talk with your personal hero. But I bet that back stage pass, however expensive, won’t get you into your favorite NBA, NFL, MLB or any other sports team’s locker room. LockerBlogger opens the doors to that sweaty change room, and invites the entire sports community to take part in a new innovative social platform; it’s a one-stop place where athletes, coaches and fans can all come together and schmooze all they want.

I seriously believe LockerBlogger is going to be huge, and the recent news post on the site’s launch – published by TechCrunch – is surely one of many other media praises to come. What exactly does LockerBlogger offer? They wish “to become the ultimate hub for the global sports community to celebrate pro and amateur achievement, access expert coaching education and skills development, and plug in to active conversations about the pastimes they love. Creating connections is the name of our game.”  Explore the wonderful world of sports marketing and social interaction by browsing the site’s Lockers, Groups, Blogs, Channels, and more. To get an idea of what LockerBlogger is about, check out NFL Pro Larry Johnson’s Locker. See the harmonious marriage of social networking and sports in sweet action!

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