RookieUp: On-demand Mentors for Aspiring Creatives

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 by

RookieUprookieup5 lets you schedule calls with creatives in your field of choice.

Find a Mentor

rookieup3One of the best ways to learn any new skill is under the guidance of a mentor. This is especially true for people aspiring to become a creative professional. In industries where there’s no specific path to success, it’s useful to have someone tell you how they accomplished what you want to achieve. Sometimes it’s helpful just to talk to someone in your field of choice, for whatever reason. RookieUp is a new platform for aspiring creative professionals, giving them the opportunity to pay for mentorship in their fields. Users can pay for a quick video chat, a more long term mentorship, or anything else that the mentor decides to set up.


Get Help Honing Your Skills

rookieup1There are several different types of creatives who are offering their mentorship on RookieUp. There are programmers, UX designers, Photoshop and Illustrator experts, and other types of people using creative technologies as part of their career. You can use their time (typically 30 or 60 minutes) for anything — to ask technical questions about a program or your work, to ask advice about the industry, or anything else you want to know. You can browse different creatives’ profiles in order to find the person who matches your skills and interests most. Every mentor has an example of his or her work on their page, along with more info and prices explicitly laid out. You might seem skeptical of paying for mentorship, but RookieUp offers a cool way to get the advice or help that may pay off for you later.


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