RocketHub: The World’s Crowdfunding Machine

Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2015 by

rockethub5RocketHub is an online crowdfunding platform for any type of project, offering the tools, connections and resources to help you reach your financial goals.

Crowdfund Any Idearockethub4

The crowdfunding industry has exploded in the past couple years, with amateurs and professionals alike using new platforms to fund their creative, charitable or business-oriented projects. Kickstarter quickly became the most recognized name in the crowdfunding space, but there are tons of other options offering similar services with various advantages and disadvantages. RocketHub offers perhaps the broadest range of crowdfunding services, allowing users to raise money for any project they can dream up. The site differs from Kickstarter in several key ways. Users keep all of the profits that they raise, so there’s no need to set and successfully reach a certain marker. Projects are also free to launch, and the site is accessible internationally.


Support And Exposure From A&E

rockethub1RocketHub also benefits from a partnership with multi-national media company A&E. The company regularly funds projects hosted on RocketHub, and successful projects also have the chance to gain exposure on A&E’s networks. Although anyone can start a crowdfunding project on RocketHub or any of the other platforms available online, RocketHub has tools to help its users become more successful. The site has a section called the “Success School,” which hosts several videos and downloadable instructional manuals that detail how to optimize and market your crowdfunding project in order to make the most of your efforts. In addition to all these tools and services, there are tons of great projects available to browse and support on RocketHub. Projects range from business startups to artistic endeavors and social initiatives. If you have any sort of idea that could become a reality with some financial support from the online community, RocketHub is the place to get started.


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