Resident Advisor: Online Music Magazine

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raResident Advisor showcases electronic music, artists, and events all over the world.

A Magazine about Music, Artists, and Upcoming Events

imagesResident Advisor was founded in 2001 with a main focus of accommodating the electronic music industry worldwide. They highlight artists from all over the world who showcase their musical talents online. This online magazine posts daily about new music available on sites like SoundCloud, news about what’s going on in the electronic music world, and music events that are coming up. Tickets can be bought on their site for specific events. They also showcase international DJs and their work. Resident Advisor has many contributors who work for the company that look for content to provide on this site. Here is a post about top 10 music festivals happening in August 2015 all over the world. Some of these places included England, Finland, Croatia, and Germany.


Join, Share, and Promote

This site offers the opportunity to get involved by joining their team. You can help out in several ways. One is that you can share things you found on the web including artists trying to be known in the electronic music world. Another thing that could be shared is details of a concert or party the two million viewers would be interested in hearing. One can also promote for Resident Advisor by posting about an up-and-coming DJ, a record label, or party they know of. Once you are registered and logged in on the site, you can submit an event that you think would intrigue the other followers.


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